Wizoo / Digidesign
Dear visitor, Wizoo Sound Design GmbH based in Bremen, Germany was acquired in August 2005 by Digidesign a division of Avid Technology, the world's leading manufacturer of digital audio production systems. Wizoo has become the Advanced Instruments Research Group and is working to create next-generation synthesis and sampling instruments that will be directly integrated into the Pro ToolsŪ environment.
For more information please visit: www.digidesign.com
Recently released Wizoo-branded products Darbuka, Latigo, Wizooverb W2, and Wizooverb W5 will continue to be distributed worldwide through Digidesign's M-Audio business unit.
For more information please visit: www.m-audio.com
Wizoo Publishing releases books for musicians covering computer, music production, and electronic musical instruments.
If you're looking for Wizoo books please visit: www.wizoobooks.com